Southern Minnesota's
Clown Roundup Alley

The Clown Roundup Alley started in Rochester, MN in mid-2007.  Our members are located all over Southern Minnesota.  We have clowns that are members of the World Clown Association and members of the Clowns of America International.
Whozeenie - Ta Da
The goal of the alley is to bring smiles and laughter to the community through the art of clowning and by teaching clowning to others.  It's like a support group for clowns in the Rochester and Southern Minnesota area.
The Alley meets once a month. Locations and times vary.  Visit our Calendar to see when and where we'll be for our meeting.
If you're a clown or entertainer in the Rochester area feel free to stop by and say, 'Hi!,' we love to meet new friends. 

In Remembrance...
On March 25, 2007, Gert Neuvirth, known to many in the community as Holly the Clown, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As Holly the Clown she touched many lives and will be sorely missed. Gertrude Neuvirth "Holly the Clown," died Saturday, August 18, 2007.