Southern Minnesota's
Clown Roundup Alley

Care for Balloons

How to make your Balloons last longer

To help balloons last longer, keep them out of the sun.  Also keep them away from grass or dirt, these can pop balloons.

Balloons can be a choking hazard.  Adult supervision is required for children under 8 years of age.  Keep balloons away from children, especially those under 3, or pets, who may put the balloons in their mouth.  Throw away broken balloons immediately, do not attempt to re-inflate them.

Care for Face Paint

Care for Glitter Tattoos

To remove Face Paint use a dark washcloth and a gentle cleanser or tear-free shampoo (baby wipes work great).  Lather, rinse, repeat ~ No scrubbing!  Trace stains can be treated by applying lotion, waiting 30 minutes and washing again.
Care of Tattoos
Tattoo Removal
These glitter tattoos will last 7 days or more, if you care for them. Wash the tattoos carefully - don't use a washcloth on it.
If you want to remove your tattoo, soak the tattoo in rubbing alcohol or baby oil.  You do not need to scrub the skin to remove the tattoo.